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Dew Ring | Gold Vermeil and Rhodium Plated Silver

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Inspired by the pressing issue of melting icebergs in Antarctica and its effect on the wildlife living in the area, the Tears collection took inspiration from nature, architecture, and Chinese calligraphy to create a series of minimalist yet metaphorical designs.

The Tears of Hope Bangle won the Goldsmiths’ Craft & Design Award in 2020 in the sustainability category. This meaningful design inspired Edward to develop a collection that is dedicated to the global warming issue. Many designs from the collection capture small and melting details from our nature. For example, the Dew Ring is inspired by a drop of morning dew that got stuck between branches; the Tears Ring depicts the moment when ice turning into the water. The shape and structure of the designs took references from the antarctic animals’ skeleton, Parametricism architectures and Chinese calligraphy. Edward poetically created a series of designs in futuristic forms and embedded them with heartfelt and tearing messages through the clever selection of materials and gemstones.

The Dew Ring is a minimalist classic, and it captures the delicate moment when the morning dew got stuck between branches. This design is made with Fairtrade or recycled precious metal, and it is also available in 14K and 18K gold, and in plain metal versions. Our jewellery is designed to be gender non-binary and enjoyed by everyone. Dispatch within 3 days.

4.5x2.5mm Emerald-Cut White Topaz

  • Small: 15.9mm/ 50.0mm/UK-K/ US-5 1/4
  • Medium: 16.7mm/ 52.5mm/ UK-M/ US-6 1/4
  • Large: 17.4mm/ 55.0mm/ UK-O/ US-7 1/4
  • Extra Large: 18.2mm/ 57.5mm/ UK-Q/ US-8 1/4

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EDXÚ is a London-based, independent and mindful fine jewellery brand founded by award-winning designer Edward Xú in 2020. EDXÚ is short for Edward Xú.

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