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Xavi Ring | 14K & 18K Gold

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Inspired by the world of Physics, Galaxy and love, the Orbit collection is a new interpretation of minimalist and architectural jewellery. The unique octagonal ring shape represents the eight planets in our solar system. The diamonds used in this collection are set in a ring of halo that is inspired by our plant's lifelong friend, the moon.

The Orbit collection has a deeper meaning of friendship, family and love, and it celebrates those who unconditionally orbit around us and love us.

Each piece of diamond that is used in the collection is natural and sourced ethically. Our skilled craftsmen use century-old techniques to set each stone by hand to achieve the perfect finish.

The Xavi ring is inspired by the Algebra symbol 'X' - the unknown value which we eternally search for. In fact, the value is always right in front of us, it is those who always love and care for us. An orbit of diamonds and an open-ended ring shape represents love and inclusiveness. This product is also available in 18k gold vermeil & rhodium plated silver. Our jewellery is designed to be gender non-binary and enjoyed by everyone.

  • This is a made-to-order product that will be ready within 4-6weeks.

1.2mm Round Brilliant-Cut White Diamonds

Carat: 0.44ct (approximately)

Colour: G - I

Clarity: VS2 - SI2

This is a made to order product and this item is made to your specifications.

  • Small: 15.9mm/ 50.0mm/UK-K/ US-5 1/4

  • Medium: 16.7mm/ 52.5mm/ UK-M/ US-6 1/4

  • Large: 17.9mm/ 56.3mm/ UK-P/ US-7 1/2

  • Extra Large: 18.7mm/ 58.9mm/ UK-R/ US-8 1/2